Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Work with others the easy way with Office Live Workspace

Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta is your online place to store and share documents. When you have multiple people involved in a project or planning an event, Office Live Workspace makes it easy. You can share documents, coordinate schedules, and manage to-do lists in your own password-protected online workspace. It’s a great way to keep everyone actively involved – whether they’re next door or on the next continent.

Goodbye attachments. Hello sharing.
Avoid worrisome attachments and back-and-forth e-mails by posting documents you want to share in your workspace. Anyone you’ve invited to join has easy access anytime.

No more merging.
In a workspace, everyone works off a single online copy of a document. That saves time and eliminates the confusion that often occurs when you merge multiple copies of the same document.

Password-protected sharing.
Not only is your workspace password-protected, but you control who can actively edit in your workspace and who has view-only privileges.

Want to learn more? Check out our three scenarios to see how people like you are using Office Live Workspace – and then watch our how-to video.

Managing a project

Managing a projectPreparing an annual report, building a Web site, or forming a committee? With Office Live Workspace, organizing a project is a snap.

Post a project schedule.
Give everyone on the team an easy way to check progress and provide their own updates.

Share a budget spreadsheet.
When everyone has access to the numbers, you reduce the possibility of budget overruns.

Keep project documents in one place.
No more asking around for a copy of the meeting minutes or latest PowerPoint presentation.

Make it easy to participate.
All anyone needs to access your project’s workspace is a PC, an Internet connection and a password.

Organizing a study group

Organizing a study groupWorking on a group assignment for class? Studying together for midterms? Learning a language with your travel buddies? See how efficient organizing a study group can be with Office Live Workspace.

Post a meeting calendar.
There’s no confusion about when or where the next meeting is when your calendar is available online.

Assign tasks.
Make sure everyone knows exactly what their assignment is and when it’s due.

Work off a single document.
Whether you’re writing a paper or building a reading list, everyone can make changes to a single copy posted online – no need to waste time merging multiple documents.

Control access.
You decide who can view and edit each document.

Planning an event

Planning an eventGot a wedding or family reunion coming up? Is your company hosting a conference or trade show? See how organized event planning can be with Office Live Workspace.

Share your to-do list.
Giving everyone a clear picture of what needs to be done, and when, helps ensure a successful event.

Track your guest list.
Keep a running tally of RSVPs and share it with those responsible for reminders or updates.

Keep event information in one place.
Save time and avoid confusion by keeping all event documents – from your budget to the invitation design – in one place where those with permission can access them.

Make a day-of-event schedule.
Your event will run more smoothly when everyone knows the schedule in advance.

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