Friday, 20 February 2009

BBC NEWS | Technology | Hackers target Xbox Live players

BBC NEWS | Technology | Hackers target Xbox Live players

Comment: I have not blogged much about Xbox despite having one myself.  Sometime last year I hit that happy (or sad) point where I have finally played enough games.  Most long time computer users can tell you about "the last game", the game that finally satisfied their need to kill things.  For me it was Lost Planet.  Lost Planet is now in the discount shelf of my local store, and my Xbox is a loud hard to control VCR.  I see the Xbox as a missed opportunity for Microsoft, almost like a piece of future technology that the Terminator brought back to the present.

The problem with the Xbox is lacks 2 things: 1. A key board like a blackberry, 2. a Windows Media player connection to the Internet.  The Xbox only alows you in very limited spaces and these spaces are structured mostly around young males.  Actually I would love to go in to Second Life with an Xbox interface and I can only imagine how WoW would look on a special Xbox client, but so far only Sony has moved into that area with Home

I think game platforms are an excellent tool for riding the Cloud, and that the interfaces being developed for gaming today will be the business applications of 2020.  Sony has the right idea with Home though I wish someone would connnect to the established VRs of SL and WoW.

I have been waiting for Xbox to expand in to a collaborative social network tool beyond just KILL KILL KILL games.  I have learned not to hold my breath.  The FUD factor that holds back business from really using advances in technology. 

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