Saturday, 28 February 2009

UML,. If you are not using it now you need to use it in the future. The best tool for organising you mission in IT

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This is the best UML book I have ever seen

Get more data here at UML 2 Use Case Diagramming Guidelines

UML 2 Use Case Diagramming Guidelines

Most people I have worked with don't generally use UML and that is a shame. Perhaps the simple drawing seems childish, perhaps the simple elegance of this mathematics of clear thinking confuses people. Yes requirements gathering, analysis and design can be this simple.

Look at the document up top. To many people this would simply seem like pointless truisms about a profess. And that is precisely what they are, and once you and the stakeholders have agreed the process can be quickly fixed in to a contract of business requirements. Requirements which can rapidly be converted to technical solutions.

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