Tuesday, 22 October 2013

JavaScripts and Cross Domain in SharePoint 2013

The most exciting new feature in SharePoint 2013 for an old web developer like me is the embracing of JavaScripting, JQuery and open standards.  Now more and more of what is done will be done in JavaScript, a language almost all developers know, and less in C#

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Microsoft Office embraces the concept of Apps

The concept of the app, a small piece of special purpose code sold or distributed on the web, is catching on to Microsoft.  The greatest thing about the new app model for Office and SharePoint 2013 is not only is it built on web standards like HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, but it is sold and distributed in a business model people will easily understand: the app store.
You can buy an app on an app store, or have one developed to special task either inserted directly in to the tools you use like Excel or on SharePoint.
I personally am looking at Excel apps, as I think for Big Data this is going to be a killer app.

Apps model for Office and SharePoint 2013

Things are changing in the App world for SharePoint, Microsoft is doing what it does best, copying what other people have already made. And Office and SharePoint are embracing the App model based on open web standards.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Office 365 makes the iPad a work tool

We all know that iPads and Android tables are great.  But we also almost all have felt that these new tools sadly are not so useful at work.  I have found that Office 365 actually can bridge the gap, allowing me to use my iPads as a tool to create documents, wikis, lists and links in my iPad.

I am currently working with SharePoint in Office 365.  Though full use of Office 365 on iPad is not possible.  Office 365 needs Napa which does not run on any of the browsers, and you can't open Office documents.  But, if you configure you SharePoint site to open documents in browsers an Office 365 site will let you suddenly turn an iPad in to a enterprise productivity tool with all of major Office features.