Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Configuring the Web Application in SharePoint 2010, an overview

This blog post will cover how you configure a new Web Application.  This section tells you how to create a Web Application in SharePoint 2010.

Configuring the Web Application

Configuring the Web Application 

General Settings 1. Firstly, the following settings need to be applied in the “General Settings” of the web application.

General setting is pretty self explanatory, with instructions if you have any questions.

Resource Throttling this is a feature that would normally be considered for a full live service to help manage the performance of the service.

Workflow where you can enable workflow for the farm.

Outgoing E-Mail  is configured as a farm-wide service

Mobile Account these settings would normally be used to provision mobile SMS messaging from a SharePoint web site.

SharePoint Designer Settings allow you to turn on or off SharePoint Designer Access.  Unless you really need SharePoint Designer turn these off.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Create a Context Sensitive Navigation Wiki with SharePoint 2010 Foundation Part 1

This blog post will cover the first part of building a context sensitive navigation system with SharePoint 2010 Foundation Wiki.

In a Context sensitive site the links on the side navigation are different for different links on the top navigation.  With out of the box SharePoint Foundation the best way to do this is to make each top navigation tab its own sub-site.  This means that rather than having 1 wiki you have a separate wiki for each tab.  So you need to decide if this will work for you first. 

First Create A New Site Collection to site in a SharePoint Web Application
First Create A New Site Collection to site in a SharePoint Web Application.  The site we will create is a Team Site.  We will make the system administrator the administrator of the site. 
SharePoint 2010 Foundation Team Site OTB
This creates a SharePoint Team.  We are going to change this to a Wiki, so first we selection Site Actions and Show All Site Content. 
Key Step 1: Make a Team Site in to a Wiki Site

SharePoint Show All Site Content
With the All Site Content Page showing we select Create at the top of the table, this will bring up a creation page.

SharePoint Create Page
On the SharePoint Create page we will select Wiki Page Library

New Wiki Page in SharePoint Foundation
This creates a new Wiki with a Home Page at the top of the Wiki.  To make the site in to a Wiki Site click on the Page Tab, and in the Ribbon that shows up click Make Homepage.

This has made the Wiki Home Page the Home page of the site.  Now to add new tabs across the top we are going to create new Sub Sites.  Again click Site Actions and New Site to create a new Sub Site.  Be certain that you are at the top of the Site Collection each time you do this.

Provide Title, Description and URL for the new sub Site.  The Title will show up on the top navigation.  Select Team Site.

Make certain that you Select Display this site on the top link bar of parent site and Use the top link bar from the parent site. 

Now you have created a new Sub Site.  Perform Key Step 1 to convert this in to a Wiki Site.

Continue until you have created all the top navigation elements.