Sunday, 15 February 2009

SharePoint savings post

SharePoint Business Savings
From Andy Dale (MCSE)

1. Reduce Man Hours by allowing faster locating of information
2. Reduce Man Hours by increasing use of electronic forms
3. Reduce Costs of stationary by increasing use of electronic forms
4. Reduce Licensing Costs for 3rd Party business systems (SharePoint can replace many of these systems)
5. Reduce Costs of development work for 3rd Party business systems
6. Reduce IT Support Costs
7. Reduce IT Training Costs
8. Reduce Website Costs (using SharePoint system both Intranet and website).
9. Reduce response times to Sales leads (employees can access SharePoint remotely)
10. Reduce response times to possible problems (with ProActive Alerts with SharePoint Workflow)

Hopefully you can start to see the possible savings from SharePoint but it is only when your SharePoint Project Team firsts sits down and looks at how SharePoint will be used that you see how many of your Business Processes could be streamlined by SharePoint. Systems like Expense Claims, IT Helpdesk, Staff Reviews, Meeting Room Bookings, Sales Orders, Holiday Requests and many more can all be moved to SharePoint to reduce time and costs.

If you are starting a SharePoint Project then the Officetalk SharePoint Project Checklist is a great place to start and best of all (unlike Michael Owen) it is FREE. Just click the link below to request your copy.

Free SharePoint Checklist

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