Wednesday, 11 February 2009

SharePont 2012: My Dream Tool

Fast forward about 3 years to the SharePoint after the next release. I suspect the next release will be evolutionary, but by 2012 it will be time for SharePoint, now more and more a Cloud tool, to take a big step to become a more standard Enterprise 2.0 tool. What new features would I like to see. Here is a list, starting from the most out there to the most mundane suggestions.

1, Virtual Reality.

SharePoint 2012 I would love to see support virtual reality Simulations like Second Life. The tool I hope will allow the construction of 3-D virtual spaces and persons with valid Active Directory accounts to create Avatars and interact in real time in Virtual Reality. This will be a major tool in remote working.

2. Live Communication fully in SharePoint

SharePoint becomes the base replacement for telephones, allowing Video and VOIP communications. This is not that technically revolutionary but would have a massive impact on business.

3. MySites/Facebook integration

SharePoint 2012, in my imagination, would connection MySites to the now almost universal Facebook. This would mean that MySite would have 3 levels, a private work space for each person, a public area for an enterprise and that potentially linked to a facebook site. This would be very useful for contractors connecting pools of established resources in to the enterprise.

4. Public Live Blogging from SharePoint

Microsoft Live blogging is presently pretty weak, SharePoint offers a great Blogging tool inside of the Enterprise. In 2012 I would love to see integration to the Cloud allowing enterprises to publish their blogs to Live, so as part of the publishing process a blog could be released to live.

5. Video Blogging

SharePoint 2012 would be fully SilverLight interfaced and provide a video blogging tool like current Flash sites.

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