Thursday, 26 February 2009

And the Google killer is?

Facebook - Google Image Search

Yahoo - Google Image Search

Microsoft Live - Google Image Search

Today I saw an ad for Orange mobile phone showing a combination of Cloud productions that would provide a killer app of mobile Cloud technology. What was striking is none of the products were owned by Google, in fact if Microsoft can get Yahoo, which I think they should, the product set would be dominated by Microsoft.

I see the killer application set of the 21st Century mobile user as based around an improved Windows. Hey I love Linux but the OS space is owned by Microsoft and with Mesh and Singularity it is clear that Microsoft can do better than Vista over the coming years.

Okay so what do you need for a Cloud:

1. Single Sign on Security

Provided by a .NET account. Microsoft is pretty advanced in their area.

2. Email

Hotmail is an established technology that can stand, IMHO up to GMail

3. Social Network

This space is owned by Facebook. Linkedin and MySpace also fill a cluster. Facebook has a very close relationship with Microsoft.

4. Blogging and Wikis

This is where Microsoft has been weak but Live promises to provide platforms for both. If you had a chance to check out Popfly you can see what possible.

5. Search

I think Google surface search is nearing the end of its usefulness. Microsoft is in a much better position for deep search the links back-end systems to an Internet search.

I have been cloud for 4 years and until recently I have had to use a lot of Google technology. I still love Google and I have nothing but good wishes for this amazing company that has done so much to structure the experience of going on line for everyday users. I just happen to think Microsoft has some massive potential NOW to take on Google.

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