Thursday, 12 February 2009

So What is SharePoint Anyways?

The most common question I get about SharePoint is what is it. Defining new IT tools is probably impossible, once people use it then they will know what it is. Terms like Databases, Spreadsheets, and Word Processors probably can only be understood through repeated use and exposure.

SharePoint is something very new and for most user it will not replace anything they have used before.

The best way I have found to define it is to talk about what it aims to accomplish. SharePoint aims to give you a place you can go to do you work, regardless of the computer you are on. As long as you have access to a companies network and a valid identity you can work from any machine.

SharePoint also can help teams share information and work together. It supports making intranet sites, document sites, blogs, wikis and other standard Web 2.0 collaborative functions.

SharePoint is not a replacement for email, but it could reduce your companies dependence on email. SharePoint can also help you establish guidance and policy for collaborative working, to insure people groups work more effectively.

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