Friday, 20 February 2009

The Case for Gold Partners

IRW is a Gold Partner of Microsoft in London

The case for Gold Partners is pretty strong. Even if you have a strong IT department in house it is a good idea to find a Gold Partner you can trust and work with. And if you have a large out-sourced IT department a Gold Partner can champion you in negotiations and provide an authoritative and clear voice in what should be done.

I think there are some key rules for picking a Gold Partner:

1. Its a personal thing, most Gold Partners are pretty small. Make sure you feel comfortable with them.

2. Demand face time. The economy is a bit tight right now, demand some face time to understand the technology you are dependent on and to learn from the Gold Partner. Most smaller Gold Partners can't eat companies IT departments so they are willing to pass IP to you.

3. Its a relationship, I hate situations where a relationship between a Gold Partner and client is purely project based. Demand conferences and other face time with you Gold Partner.
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