Sunday, 15 February 2009

Photosynth, new Windows Live technology

Photosynth is so new perhaps few people have a firm grip on what it is. It takes images and combines them into 3-D spaces. But unlike Adobe stitch synths are generated by server side processing code and hosted on Windows Live site. My synths are at

You just take a set of photos images taken in one space and the tool works to stych them together in to a 3-D space for you. Sometimes it works great sometimes it is a disaster, but it is simple to use.

Check out the Photosynth blog at

Microsoft has some big plans for Synths

Photosynth Futures

Q: Now that Photosynth has been released by Live Labs, where will it go from here?
A: Following this release, the Photosynth team will join MSN — an important step in continuing to improve Photosynth and share the experience with an even wider audience. In addition to letting users create and share synths at, over the next year Photosynth will begin to become a key part of the experience for MSN’s 550 million monthly visitors worldwide. Synths will be prominently featured on To create a more absorbing experience for its visitors, MSN will use synths of popular destinations and notable events in many of the places where static images are used on the site today.
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