Monday, 10 May 2010

Wave Goodbye, The SharePoint "killer" that went no where

It was about half a year ago. I remember waiting for a Wave account. It was like the Studio 54 of collaboration.

And then we got it, finally after waiting.

Calling it the anti-SharePoint would probably not be as descriptive as calling it the anti-I-pad. The hype turned out to be all just hot air. Wave is a limited, confusing to use, tool that no one can figure out. Last winter, as you can see, me and a few friends actually made an intense effort to "Wave", but found chats in Facebook or Twitter were easier to follow and more open to other users.

So Wave was a wipe out. How Google is going to retire this I don't know. I feel kind of sorry for some of the people I read about in Linux magazines who wasted massive amounts of time to learn the technology around this stuff.
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