Saturday, 22 May 2010

Massive growth in Internet opens new possibility to SharePoint

BBC reports that "British web users are spending 65% more time online than three years ago".

SharePoint benefits from growth in web usage since it develops skills that SharePoint can expose as business functions.

Listed bellow are the top activities of UK users on line, with the tools that can be provided by SharePoint:

Time spent on web:

Social networks/blogs - 22.7% Blogs are in SharePoint 2007 and 2010, social networks are expand in 2010.
E-mail - 7.2% Email is provided by Exchange, but SharePoint integrates with email server or can be part of SharePoint via a web browser
Games - 6.9% Forget it
Instant Messaging - 4.9% With OCS SharePoint can provide IM capacity, and a lot more
Classified/Auctions - 4.7% Many companies can implement corporate classified in SharePoint, and many companies use it to manage supply and demand of staff and resources.
Portals - 4% Full SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 provide Portals
Search - 4% SharePoint provides both standard search and now Fast search
Software info/products - 3.4% SharePoint has many tools that cab be used to provide software information including document libraries, list, wikis, blogs and WCM.
News - 2.8% SharePoint provides WCM news, blogs, and RSS web parts for news
Adult - 2.7% Though there is no reason SharePoint could not deliver this content, lets assume no one will use it.

Source: UKOM with my own comments on SharePoint.

To put this in content. Right now these activities account for 63.3% or online usage, 85% of which can be provided by SharePoint.

This makes SharePoint a pretty obvious tool for web publishers but also for companies hoping to exploit skills users develop on the web to work. And the workforce is learning these skills now at a ever expanding rate, whereas use of traditional system, spreadsheets, or other methods of content creation and communication are not being learned to such an extent.

It simply makes sense to go SharePoint.

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