Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Reason to go Microsoft SharePoint for the Cloud, a defense of what is kind of a weak product

If cost was no obstacle you would probably never use SharePoint. But given that cost is an issue maybe we should all go to Cloud vendors like Google? My answer is that such a move would have serious liability to any organisation which tries it. No matter how cool a Google Cloud office sounds, you are far better off with a Microsoft Stack with all its problems. Sorry to sound nerdy but it is true.

Google vs. Microsoft comes down to this: I would rather live in a country where 1 company made all the TV, rather than a country where 1 company owned all the TV channels.

Italy is not freer or more democratic because it has a wide range of new cheaper TVs. All the terrible things said about Microsoft actually applied to Google.

And Apple has recently proven it is no sooner back on its feet from almost utter failure 13 years ago before it is gunning for one of the most beloved products of the web: Flash.

SharePoint for all its problems, provides you the ability to define YOUR OWN security in house, YOUR OWN PRIVACY in house, and it allows you to customise to the extent you see fit, including integration with systems from Oracle, BEA, Red Hat, SAP, and just about anyone else.

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