Monday, 10 May 2010

Google just does not do collaboration

It seems that Buzz added insult to the injury of Wave. Wave was a tool that no one could figure out how to create content in. Buzz on the other hand is the nose making machine of content. A Buzz account is like taking in someone elses 2 year brat. You are soon flooded in a mass of content you can never read or review. Beyond that you are flooded with requests to follow from people who are clearly spamming. And anyways, do we really need another Twitter.

Its hard to decide which failure was greater: Buzz or Wave. Have to think on that one. The main point is Google does semantic analysis and search, Google does not do social.

Really Google and Microsoft don't do social as core principles of their company. But right now Microsoft is the only one with a core collaboration product that has a future: SharePoint. I am thinking more and more that the future of Cloud based computing will be won or lost by SharePoint.
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