Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Web 3.0 Lab: In Bahrain both pro-government and anti-government...

A facebook page that supports the regime in Bahrain. Unlike Egypt in Bahrain supporters of the regime are actively engaging social media.

Marwa Al Dossary is an account of Twitter. "Her" picture is rather too attractive, and her posts too clearly pro-government and, frankly, full of distortions to not suspect that se is an account created by the Bahrain regime to try and combat the growing influence of social networks.

This includes, sadly, distortions of the truth, like "her" claim that no one was in Pearl Roundabout (something we know to be utterly false from looking at tweeting coming directly from that location) to posts from YouTube showing violence.

It is easy to dismiss these as government plants, but looking at YouTube and Facebook one can not escape the conclusion that a number of people in Bahrain support the current regime, and that they and the government have determied to fight it out in social media.

Today (16 Feb) there will be two protests in Bahrain, one pro and one anti government. Below you can find links to follow both.

Web 3.0 Lab: In Bahrain both pro-government and anti-government

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