Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Power Law impact of social promotion over SEO

The is the life of the views of this blog. As you will see I have had a steady rise for over 2.5 years. This growth was coming from mostly Google. A steady flow from SEO. But two events happened. One was a post I made on

In 2009 I blogged on Linux and got a negative response from a Linux fan site. That is the one bump.

Recently I noticed the Facebook new photo UI, which was launched as a kind of surprise attack by Facebook. I blogged wondering if Facebook had finally killed Flickr, and tweeted it. The tweet went viral for a day. And that it the other spike.

Social Network spikes bring in a lot of views, but they are not necessarily favorable and they don't stay. Google is still the king of finabibility tools for most content and you are good to kept to that.

My Second Life blog has become more dependent on Tweets and Facebook. But it is hard to keep a steady flow of views when you are only broadcasting to your Social Graph of a massive global chat room, which is Facebook and Twitter. Google gives content access to the entire globe.
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