Sunday, 27 February 2011

Web 3.0 Lab: 10% Chance Your Windows Mobile Update Will Have Pr...

Samsung phone

This is not the news that Windows Mobile needed right now. With a tiny fraction of the smartphone market Windows is competing in a market where excellence is just taken for granted.

BBC News - Microsoft says phone update failed 1 in 10 users: "Microsoft has revealed that 1 in 10 users who tried to install a software update on their Windows mobile experienced problems.

"The company had previously said that only a 'small number' of handsets were affected.

"Owners have reported a range of issues following the download, from phones crashing, to becoming completely unusable."

Microsoft must wake up to the fact it is up against three products that combine excellent in software and UI. Blackberry is a extremely stable and easy to use platform. I am a long term Blackberry user and its continued strong position does not surprise me.

iPhone is an excellent piece of technology. I have found it to be a pleasure to use. But perhaps the most serious threat is Android. Using a Linux fork Google has finally been able to bring the quality and stability of Linux to a wide audience of ordinary users with Android, and Microsoft must fight on quality, price, and ease of use.

I have a very grey view right now of Microsoft Mobile's possibility. I wonder if in the combined push for Cloud and Xbox is Microsoft has the talent base to also put up a major fight back in mobile. In the Xbox and Cloud space Microsoft are fighting from strengths, but in mobile they are weak and not looking any stronger.

Web 3.0 Lab: 10% Chance Your Windows Mobile Update Will Have