Saturday, 26 February 2011

Google vs Facebook, the big battle

The mobile version of Facebook

BBC News - Google blunts Facebook phone app on Android: "Google has stepped up its data battle with Facebook by blunting the social networking site's app on its phones.

"An update for its latest mobile operating system will see users' Facebook contacts disappear from the phone's address book.

"Google said it took the action as it was no longer willing to exempt Facebook from its data-sharing rules.

"The decision has been seen as indicative of growing tensions between the two internet giants."

I have tested the Facebook Phone app, which just showed up on my Android and I am rather unimpressed. Firstly its a massive privacy violation. Secondly, I hate talking on the phone so what the point. Don't we go online to get away from having to talk to people?


  1. I believe Google will always be unbeatable... even though Facebook comes closer in competition with Google, we must remember that Facebook is defined as a social network & Google is apparently a search engine. Therefore, both have altogether a different purpose.