Friday, 18 February 2011

Microsoft just gives up on Blogging, and joins with the best

What can you say about the new partnership between Microsoft and WordPress?

It shows both the weakness and strength of Microsoft.

First the weakness. Microsoft can't make something as simple as a blogging tool. This is a bit odd since in 1999 I was able to kludge a some Pearl discussion code to form a basic Blog. Oh if I had thought to make that in to a product. It shows a profound weakness of Microsoft in the Web 2.0.

But Microsoft can make up for weaknesses by merging with strength. It has no Web 2.0 presence so it partners with Facebook. It can't do blogging so it partners with WordPress. It can't do mobile so it partners with Nokia.

Remember this is Microsoft. Its not so much as they make things, its that they bring to market things other people made. Innovation and Microsoft are two words you don't see together that much anymore. But Microsoft's role is not innovation, its bringing order to CTO and CIO lives. Its giving the Enterprise a one stop shop and selling XBOXs.
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