Thursday, 9 December 2010

Three Generations of Web 2.0

This very interesting Alexa graph show the three generations of Web 2.0 technology. Web 2.0 probably got its biggest launch with which a few years ago was insanely popular but now has dropped significantly. Flickr was probably the first page to show the true promise of Web 2.0, but restrictions on use and filtering ensured it remained a niche player after the Yahoo take over and despite the explosion of smartphones with cameras the site is flatlined. The most recent super start of Web 2.0 is Twitter which in my opinion reflects the true promise of the approach to technology.

Twitter has the ease of use and intuitive design of a Flickr but has learned lessons about Web 2.0 Flickr never had time to learn. Twitter's main lesson was to let the users decide entirely what the site is. Flickr and MySpace suffered from management early on making decisions about how the techology was going to be used and trying to put in restrictions they could not enforce.

Twitter from day one let the user population decide what to do with the tool.
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