Tuesday, 7 December 2010

BBC News - Cloud computing 'could give EU 763bn-euro boost'

BBC has a good article about Cloud computing, but I think the part later in the quote is the most important. Certainly the Cloud has lot of promise, but my experience is that early adopters will be extremely disappointed. Users are losing a lot of experience in many Cloud projects. And There is a real danger Cloud will be rejected.

BBC News - Cloud computing 'could give EU 763bn-euro boost': "Widespread adoption of cloud computing could give the top five EU economies a 763bn-euro (£645bn; $1tn) boost over five years, a report has said.

The CEBR said it could also create 2.4m jobs. The technology gives software and computing power on demand over the net.

But experts warn that cloud computing can be very disruptive to business, and companies could end up 'disillusioned'.

'Nothing kills a new technology better than a poor user experience,' said Damian Saunders of Citrix."

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