Monday, 13 December 2010

For love Microsct Web Apps

I spent the day playing around with Microsoft Excel Apps. First the ugly news, you can copy and paste from Google Docs to Microsoft Web Apps. Pathetic but that might have more to do with the limits of Ajax. Now the good news, you get essentially all the functionality of Office 2010 for free and on the web.

Microsoft's Web Apps use the ribbon, which makes working with documents much easier than with Google Docs, Open Office or Microsoft Office 2003.

After a bit of testing I sent a groups of excel documents I needed to review to a large machine I had. The machine does not have Microsoft Office but it 64 bit with a large screen. I have been reviewing the documents in Microsoft Office Web Apps because of the benefits of the screen and clean interface.

I think in the race to beat Microsoft Office on the web we have a winner: and the winter is Microsoft.
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