Friday, 17 December 2010

Promoting yourself via Web 2.0

Total Social Media, a popular phrase but we could get on the Google first page via social network marketing.

Total Social Media needed a SEO strategy. The goal was to get as high up in Google search as possible, with placement for the phrase "Total Social Media" being important. The problem was a lot of content on the web already used Total Social Media and the company was competing with firms in other nations with the same name.

One solution: get to the social networks first. By creating Facebook applications and Slide Shares with Total Social Media first the company was able to ensure its place on the Google first results page. Expanding with a Twitter, Flickr and YouTube page will come next.

All firms should, as quickly as possible, get their names in to Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Even if it is only a tiny amount of content having something on these key social networks will greatly improve the likelihood of connecting to potential customers and preventing someone else taking your name away from you.
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