Friday, 17 December 2010

Killing a Web 2.0 pioneer

delicious, carrying news of its own death at the hand of Yahoo

Rumour has it that part of its current cost saving Yahoo is going to close delicious down.

Its hard to make a final assessment of delicious. Yahoo mismanagement seemed to have killed the early Web 2.0 star before the concept of shared bookmarking and social tagging really took off. In 2005 it was probably the best social bookmarking tool you could get. But its star was eclipsed rapidly by DIGG which in turn has been outdone by Twitter, StumbleUpon and GotGlue.

If anything the death of delicious will show how bad these established firms are at Web 2.0. It will leave only Flickr and Blogger as commonly used Web 2.0 tools owned by one of the big Three of Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft.

For Web 3.0 start up this news will come as music to their ears. It will prove even further what more and more VCs seem to be figuring out: that only young blood with entirely new business structures and ideas can form new ventures that have a hope of surviving.
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