Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What SharePoint needs to be Web 3.0

This graph is 4 years old. It nicely shows the concept of Web 2.0 back when the concept was still hot enough for people to write much about it.

The term is probably outdated but it is pretty key to understanding SharePoint, because even up to SharePoint 2010 you have really a classic Web 2.0 concept.

The greater Internet has moved on to Web 3.0. I would graph Web 3.0 showing a few billion global users and a trillion plus bits of information, no longer trapped in sites or even pages, with the cloud coming closer to the users and forming an Internet of things and places.

SharePoint is a far way away from Web 3.0 capacity.

As I see it SharePoint needs the following additions to become a Web 3.0 tool:

  1. Good integration with either RIM, Windows 7 mobile or an app, anything that gets it in to the mobile information.
  2. Geo-position metadata.
  3. Extend the concepts of composites to include the entire experience of SharePoint.
  4. Effective management of RFID tagged Real World resources.
  5. Built in mass up tools.
  6. Built in mapping tool to express and manage Geo-Tag data.
Lucky for SharePoint developers is that business lags consumer usage by about five years, and their is enough time for a future SharePoint to include the lessons of foursquare. But in time what we used to call Field Force Management and now just call Web 3.0 will be a major part of SharePoint tool set.

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