Friday, 22 October 2010

Could a hard economy give Linux the edge? Is the Cloud hype?

Some of the other interesting findings in the survey were related to Cloud Computing - one of the buzzwords in enterprises these days. Enterprises are still quite skeptic about the Cloud model as only 26 per cent are interested in moving their apps and services to the cloud; 70 per cent of the users will use Linux as their primary cloud platform. Also, as the adoption grows companies are looking to hire more professionals with a Linux background - more than 38 per cent replied in the affirmative.

Linux To Outgrow Windows In Enterprises

Linux is amazing stuff. I have to admit to playing around with 3 Linux boxes. My own personal Laptop is an Ubuntu machine. Though I am pretty confident that the Cloud will take off, and the Cloud and Microsoft have a strong future together, I am also keenly aware that Linux would reduce cost and speed up innovation.

Most of my experience with IT tells me the business generally does not want IT innovation to fast. That is risky. But the license cost of Microsoft servers will be hard to rationalize for web servers when Apache and Linux boxes at lower price are available. Watch this space.

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