Friday, 6 November 2009

Wikipedia, despite control it has just become what everyone feared it would become.

I recall when Wikipedia got going about 4 years ago the editors aggressive axing of academics, artists, and just about most of the content most people who were not admins entered.  They justified the exercise of power in what had been an anarchist experiment by saying that it was necessary to preserve quality.

Well sadly they failed, and perhaps even made things worse.  Wikipedia has become something of a bad joke of Web 2.0. 

Recently I noticed that just about every living porn actress is in Wikipedia.  There are presently 952 distinct entries in the category "Female pornographic film actors."

There are only 100 in the category "Women photographers." There are 108  "Psychoanalysts" and unbelievably 11 Marxists.

Its just time for Google to stop pushing Wikipedia results in their search and we can put this depressing exercise in all that keep the Internet from being anything better behind us.

Oh and its not that I am mad about the 1,000 female porn stars, its that I find the fact that the most common female profession to named in Wikipedia is porn star. 
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  1. Actress and singer beats it. Professor probably does.