Monday, 2 November 2009

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Facebook | My Photos - TouchGraph Photos

WSS 3.0 on Server 2008 running in VirtualBox on Linux.  This is probably as far as 32 bit architecture will evolve.  To demonstrate any later version of SharePoint i would need 64 bit.

Which raises an issue.  I don't have 64 bit OS boxes just sitting around.  Once of the reasons servers have evolved so rapidly over mainframes was that I could either virutalise a server or build one and learn it myself.  Millions of other people could do it and then blog what they learned.  This has produced the current explosion in server technology.

Unless we all get 64 bit machines and soon our access to server technology will be almost as limited as our access to mainframes was, and the pace of innovation of the Enterprise could easily fall back.

So please MS, if you are listening, how about a 32 bit demo VHD for SharePoint 2010? 
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