Saturday, 14 November 2009 - Site Info from Alexa - Site Info from Alexa

Still putting my neck out on this one and holding to the prediction that Twitter uptake and usage growth has peaked and will become stable.  This was after an amazing surge this year.

The graph above, which will evolve past my post and might invalidate me in a few months, shows what I now see has the Internet FAD process, with the uptake of technology having little to do with real "need" or "benefit" and mostly having to do with a global market's interest in new gadgets and latest things.

That is to say the Internet is not practical or even valuable, it is cool. 

And we all know that cool stops being cool when everyone else does it.  Uptake of web technology will follow trends in the music industry.  The way to make money?  Manage these trends!!!!
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