Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Windows Live updates are trash

Recently I received an email from Microsoft inviting me to "update" my Windows Live beta account. I have been a big fan of the Windows Live Beta, blogging about it and comparing it positively to Google Docs.

Well I take it all back. The update took a folder I had in Windows live, like the one above, which had almost all the features of a SharePoint document library and left me with the crap we see below, and pathetic Sky Drive.

I have to be frank, I really am having serious questions about Microsoft's execution on the cloud. Frankly I simply don't use it in the cloud anymore. This recent "downgrade" to something as useless as Sky Drive has made me very happy I kept my main files in Google Docs.

One really has to wonder from the failure of Kin, the failed effort to get Yahoo (should they even have tired) and Ray Ozzie leaving one has to wonder if the Cloud is even a place Microsoft has any future at all in.

I am writing this as a concerned SharePoint professional. SharePoint in its current firm is the best Enterprise collaboration tool, but is the very concept of the Enterprise valid in a world of network culture and clouds. This world of network culture is more the place for Google, and I am getting very concerned.
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  1. What is worse is the the crap that Microsoft pushed on us as a blog replacement: WordPress!

    It is god-awful and you need to keep feeding their piggy bank every time you turn around.
    A truly crappy product if there ever was one.
    I am deleting everything and waiting for something worthwhile to start over on.