Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ballmer sells over 1 billion bucks of Microoft

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has sold $1.3bn (£800m) worth of shares in the firm, the first time he has sold its stock in seven years.
BBC News - Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer in sale of shares

I for one hope this is the first sign of the end of Ballmer's rule. Not that he has been bad, totally. Its just that what ever he was going to do he has done. I think Gate's main problem was he was a geek, and sometimes he was more interested in the code and concepts rather than the business. Gates was trying to be Job and Wozniack at the same time. In things like Windows 95 and Office he did it. In things like .NET, Vista, and a vast array of other failed projects the point was often confusing. Ballmer I think was to make the company grown up and in SharePoint and Enterprise he has done that. Microsoft is more stable than it was under Gates and more mature in how it works with the Enterprise.

The thing is the overall Internet market is a far cry from being grown up, and there is a real need for a lot of kids.

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