Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Too many new SharePoint 2010 SKUs

I realize there’s a theory at Microsoft that product names of business software can be more unwieldy and matter less than those of Microsoft’s consumer-focused products. Yes, SharePoint is a complicated, multifaceted Swiss army knife of a product, but it sure seems like all these SKUs and components would make it tough on customers trying to tread water in the SharePoint swamp.

I know it way way to early to say, but I keep getting a bad feeling about SharePoint 2010. I hope I am wrong but I think we will get a Vista or Office 2007 level consumer selection in the next 6 months. I am looking for a new killer feature that makes it worth upgrading to 64 bit?

SharePoint 2007 was a no brainer, the 2003 product was a collection of limits and frustrating features.

But what makes 2010 better? In 2006 it was pretty easy to sell 2007:

  • Easier to install
  • Better interface
  • Better administration environment
  • More templates
  • Better search experience
  • You probably have not implemented 2003 yet so lets start at 2007
Please someone tell me what is the 2010 story here? Lots of people have 2007, why should they migrate?

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