Saturday, 24 October 2009

Only pleased?

Microsoft has said it is "pleased" with the "strong consumer demand" for its new Windows 7 operating system.
BBC NEWS | Business | Windows sales 'please' Microsoft

Microsoft will need to announce these numbers fairly soon, and it will be key to see if the OS is having a take up. If Windows 7 is not taken up we could end up have a wide range of machines from XP to Windows 7 running Intel IV to Quad Cores in the market place, and a difficult mix of 32bit and 64 bit with IE 6, IE 7, IE 8 and all the others.

The only reason to have a Microsoft is to present a more flat and uniform space for software firms and other companies to develop and sell in. Microsoft is doing everything right so far in Marketing Windows 7, returning to its classic features, implicate confession Vista was a failure, and working as a consolidator and not an innovator.

But the buzz is everything. So far so good with the Twitter with twits coming in on Windows 7. There are a good number of complaints but they are the standard things you would expect with drivers and failed installations. If a standard story against Windows 7 that the average business user can grasp does not emerge on Twitter in the next week I think it should be clear for Microsoft.

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