Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Going Linux but keeping your SharePoint job

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Okay I am going to be very honest here. Right now Ubuntu 9.04 - the Jaunty Jackalope is far beyond Vista or XP, and its a platform that anyone would rather work on. It makes excellent use of even toy hardware like I have. I have a Pentium for God's sack. And yet running Ubuntu I have an excellent experience. And now with Sun's Virtualisation tool VirtualBox I can do a significant part of my development work inside of Ubunut by running off VHD created for Virtual PC but running in (far superior IMHO) VirtualBox

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There are two truths: First Open Source is overall going to provide more innovation at less cost than anything Microsoft can make. The other truth is that Microsoft continues to dominate business computing and with the migration to service many of Microsoft's core products like SharePoint will continue to be a part of what workers are offered by management.

The danger is that the two sides could become inflexible with Microsoft people ignoring the greater universe dominated by Open Source solutions and a spirit of group cooperation. On the other hand the Linux developer can find themselves excluded by the power and wealth created by software while they develop all the best ideas and lead the entire software "project".
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You can see clearly the benefit here. It simply would not be possible on this "shit" machine to run XP with Virtual Server dishing up VMs of SharePoint in a efficient way, but here you can see it does it wil little problem. Using all Open Source tools I can create a VM environment to develop and test Microsoft features. it is possible to use the two world together to profit.
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