Sunday, 11 October 2009

Creating a Web Application in SharePoint

To create a new site in SharePoint in a new Web Application first you create the web application. Web Applications create spaces in IIS to hold web sites or site collections. First start from the configuration page.

Select Application Management and then create or extend web application

Select create a web application. To create a new web application you need to select a port number. MOSS will assign a unique port but I tend to find its best to plan this out before hand. Then assign rights. Also MOSS gives the database an impossibly long name which can make backup confusing so I assign a real name.

This process has created a Application, but a Web Application is empty. So you have the option to create a high level site collection.

To create a site collection you assign a template and administrators. If you don't assign yourself as an administrator you won't have access. In this case we make a collaborative portal.

This then create a top level site collection.