Tuesday, 4 January 2011

More Proof Facebook is in the Microsoft Camp!

As if you needed more proof that Facebook is in the Microsoft camp against Google here has got to be the final piece.

As you see the foursquare site shows your geo-location in the rich Google maps. Google Maps is, frankly speaking, still light years ahead of Bing maps or Microsoft Virtal World. But when you post this link to Facebook:

The information is shown in a bing map over a Google map. Clearly an intention to use Microsoft over a better more establishd Google product and further proof that if Microsoft has a future its in Facebook.

The thing is, if one buys the other it is no longer clea that it will be Microsoft buying Facebook. But Microsoft is pretty smart to move on from the failed effort to get Yahoo and move on to something really big. Though a Facebook merger with Microsoft would be a pretty scary Monopoly.
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