Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Finally SharePoint can perform like a real CMS system, thanks to Blog Remoting


Lets be honest, the fact you are constrained to 200 GB databases is a real pain in SharePoint.  The fact that you have to store all your documents in database is the cause of this and many other problems.

Because SharePoint since the beginning stored the documents as unstructured blob objects the load places on SQL Server by SharePoint solutions has been a limited factor.

Blob storage probably offers no real benefit for the massive cost.  Blobs can not be indexed by SQL Server, so you have to run SharePoint Search Crawler or Fast to index a store of data you have in SQL Server.  I mean think about that!!!!

Worst of all you have to put every documents loaded to SharePoint in the most expensive storage.

100 GB limit on SQL databases drives the creation of lots of little sites, each a silo.

But you pain is over with SharePoint 2010 running with SQL 2008.  The solution is RBS or Remote Blob Storage.  With this technology SQL stores the blobs as external files, while still presenting the SQL interface to SharePoint.

This reduces the content you need to save in SQL by 95%.  That is right, a 1 TB database should become 50 GB!! 

Now you can run a true Enterprise document system with every part of your organisation sharing documents centrally, as it should be.  NO SILOs of Site Collections any more.  All because of one SQL side technology.

So send an email to your SQL DBA and start talking about RBS in SharePoint 2010.  This way you can architect true Enterprise Content Management systems in SharePoint like you get with OpenText, FileNet and ECM, but at a fraction of the cost.

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