Friday, 7 January 2011

BlueTie Takes On Office365 in the SMB Enterprise Collaboration Market

"BlueTie’s Smartbins

"Smartbins offers some of the functionality of SharePoint Online in that it enables users to put files into the cloud and share them with designated users who can access them anytime and from any place.

"It also lets users tag files with contextual information rather than forcing them to bury them in assigned folders. Files can also be placed in workflows required for business processes.

"While that’s very useful and a considerable addition to BlueTie’s cloud email offeringsthat also compete with Microsoft, in the current climate the real differentiator is going to be price. This is where the reseller restructuring comes in.

"The first thing BlueTie has done is to build a reseller program that is specifically for Smartbins. It also created a ‘white-label’ system whereby resellers will be able to brand Smartbins as their own. According to BlueTie, the Smartbins program can offer partners margins ranging from 40 percent to 60 percent, free API integration and a dedicated team for support."

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