Friday, 25 June 2010

Thomas Hawk's petition for Flickr

This is a simple petition where people can add their name to request that Flickr stop the practice of deleting accounts without warning. Our online lives are valuable and deserve due process.

We have outlined a due process procedure in this group whereby Flickr marks a perceived offender's account as private for a one week period, during which time an individual would be given an opportunity to take self corrective action to avoid the permanent deletion of their Flickr account.

This simple change in policy would be a win win. A win for Flickr who wishes to immediately address potential photostream content issues and a win for the user who is given an opportunity at a minimum to preserve and download their content off of Flickr's servers and to bring their account into compliance with Flickr for an opportunity to continue on as part of this great community that we all share.

Please add your name and a link to your flickrstream to this thread as a comment.

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