Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Just got an iPad, apple has won this one.

A few months ago I sketched out how I saw the "slate" space working out. I saw that there was a device between the smartphone and the PC that could be just right. That this space would be a critical battle between Apple, Microsoft and Google and at stake was a large part of the ownership of the web.

Well, having just gotten my iPad I can say Apple has clearly won this round. I know that this is an initial battle, but the failure of years of Microsoft's effort to establish this space followed by the sudden explosion of Apple really makes me think.

I have a 25 year love-hate relationship with Apple. 2009 was a hate year, 2010 is turning out to be a love year. So my opinions on Apple tend more to be a function of if I have gotten something new of if the last new thing broken suddenly after coming out of support.

So I find myself in awe using a device that is just simply perfect in so many ways. And I wonder, has Microsoft really dropped the ball in some way? Their tablet really "sucked balls." Only South Park level language can really describe how failed Microsoft efforts on the tablet were.

And then along comes the iPad, and it just changes every one's idea of what a computer can be over night.

I know that I am selling tons of SharePoint and I have enough work to do for two people putting the system in. Companies are signing up for the Microsoft stake in droves. But is this just feasting on a dead corpse? Has Microsoft fundamentally missed something about the future direction of the Internet?

All I know is I love my iPad. But I have to remember I love my Windows 7 30 inch touch screen as well.

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