Friday, 4 June 2010

I click on the SharePoint 2010 Admin New Web Server button and nothing happens

SharePoint 2010 uses a the "ribbon" we first saw in Office 2007. The thing is the ribbon requires JavaScript be enabled so that functions can be done without post-back. This probably is not so bad for users but it can be a major problem for admins.

For example I am remoting in to a jump off server to access the SharePoint 2010 dev box we have. I don't have rights to alter my browsers security setting on that box and so I can't really do anything other than look. I was suppose to demonstrate building new sites in SharePoint 2010 but the ribbon does not work without JavaScript.

The server is locked down and I have to put in a request for get JavaScript enabled on the jump off box I am logging in to. This will take several weeks and is likely to be rejected.

For most users who have admin rights on their box this can be resolved by setting the browser setting. But the key security issue here, and one that is troubling, is that a server browser needs JavaScript. Maybe 5 years ago this would have been a problem, but I would hope almost all security teams have made peace with JavaScript everywhere by now.

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