Saturday, 13 February 2010

Windows Mobile 7 is Microsoft’s last chance to challenge iPhone | VentureBeat

On Monday, at the Mobile World Congress show in Spain, the company will try again with Windows Mobile 7, a new version of the company’s operating system for cell phones, according to Bloomberg News. Robbie Bach, head of the group that makes Windows Mobile 7, pretty much signaled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January that Microsoft would have more to say about mobile at Mobile World Congress. Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer plans to show off the software in Barcelona. The new software has a revised user interface that looks like Microsoft’s Zune HD music player, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Windows Mobile 7 is Microsoft’s last chance to challenge iPhone | VentureBeat

Well I have said it before and I will say it again, Microsoft does not do small.  I installed a Dell Axim PDA on my Windows 7 and things looked great.  Then it downloaded new updates for Windows Mobile and the worst blue screen of death I ever say come up.  I had to roll back the update and repair in the BIOS mode to get the machine back.  For most users it would ahve been send the computer in an wait.

My test on if someone is a mindless Microsoft robot or a critical thinker who works with Microsoft is Windows Mobile and Vista.  Now that the offical line from Microsoft is that Vista sucked I guess it has to be Windows Mobile.  But it would be great to get a really good Winodws 7 Mobile.  This could allow net-books to get much much smaller than the current.
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