Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Google Wave a judgement

Google Wave was the biggest hyped dud since the Star Wars prequels.  Google seemed to think making people beg to use this tool would somehow make it more popular. 

What is Google wave?  Simple, its a discussion forum with only a few members.  What you say, the oldest collaboration tool with its best feature (open global access) removed.  Yes, I am not lying to you, that is Google Wave.
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  1. No wonder it's close-to-dead and was replaced by the far more convenient (albeit intrusive!) Google Buzz :)

    A friend of mine who works at Google says that it has found a very tiny niche market for Google Wave. I can't tell you what it is without laughing out loud :) But so long as that very specific group of people keeps using it, Google might not drop Wave from their product list...

  2. Well Wave does not cost Google that much to keep up. I really really tried to use it and will return to it again, but I have found Buzz way way better. Still not twitter but better.