Thursday, 11 February 2010

BBC News - Yahoo talks tough about its search business

Research group comScore revealed this week that Yahoo's share of US search queries has dropped more than three percentage points to 17% in the past year.

Google has solidified its hold on first place with around 65% of all queries made while Microsoft's Bing has gained share at Yahoo's expense rising to 11% in January.

"I think the market wants a competitive Yahoo," Greg Sterling, of blog SearchEngineLand, told BBC News.

"It doesn't want to see just two players dominate this space. It wants more diversity and innovation and that comes from competition. I give them a fighting chance."

BBC News - Yahoo talks tough about its search business

My take on all this.  Well allow the private to speak freely sir.  Yahoo has a leadership problem and continues to have a significant management problem.  It is where it is only because it got their first.  Its like the first relative to get to the table.  They may get a seating arrangement at the head, near the most respected members.  But they are still nut cases.

Yahoo is the nut case of the major players.  Yahoo is the company that spends millions on an ad campaign that tells the consumer nothing at all about what they are trying to sell.  Yahoo told me that I was in charge of the web, but then didn't even provide me with a URL to go to.

I use pipes from Yahoo but I really want to use something better.  I have a Flickr account but I almost never use it, my images all go on Facebook now.  I stopped using delicious years ago. 

Over the past 5 years Yahoo has lost.  In the Internet there is not yet a principle of too big to fail and if there were Yahoo is not in that group.  Yahoo should have accepted the deal to become part of Microsoft.  That made sense.  Microsoft might have been able to save Yahoo. 

But the idiots who run Yahoo have left little doubt as to its future.  Yahoo is already the walking dead.  The only question is who will buy Flickr.  I frankly can't think off the top of my head of one other major service.  I understand they have a large email thing but its probably been years since I sent an email to anyone with @yahoo.

I might also say that Yahoo ruined Flickr. 
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