Sunday, 5 April 2009

LinkedIn: Social Media Today Group

LinkedIn: Social Media Today Group

Its always the last place you look.  I have been active in Twitter and Facebook and just expanded LinkedIn recently.  What surprised me is that it is LinkedIn, full of its adult professionals that is the pit of spammers and scammers. 

Really, the idea to use a great tool like e-mail, or a social network, to try and push some impossible business idea that is not well worked out, is not something teens or people interested in seeing who among their high school friends is gay are likely to do. 

The interesting thing about Web 2.0 is that it is pretty safe in the hands of normal users.  Social Networks become spams pits when business, that is people who think of themselves primarily as business people, get involved.

Presently I am more willing to wait for all my business contacts to join Facebook or twitter than try and make a go of it on what I can only see is the next version of  And it does not even have an API or a good UI.  Its funny that all the software business experts are using the worst software tool.
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