Sunday, 12 April 2009

BBC NEWS | Technology | Small is big in gaming world

BBC NEWS | Technology | Small is big in gaming world

Small can mean big bucks in the world of gaming where micropayments are being seen as playing an increasingly important part in making money for the industry.

Amid a downturn in advertising revenues, a recent survey at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco found that 66% of those polled "were excited about this growing trend" which is most often seen in so-called 'free to play' games.

That is where it costs nothing to play but developers sell items or different levels within the gaming experience.

"Micro payments have been proven to work very well in the far east, Korea and China," said Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat, which organised GamesBeat.

"Initially they took off there because there is such a big problem with piracy and with a micro-transaction, you can always verify the credit card transaction or the payment system so you are assured people will pay up.

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