Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rating IE8

IT pro rates IE 8 5 our of 6 stars (computers like 6 stars because it makes for easy haves and quarters)
Overall, Internet Explorer 8 is an impressive package, and while it lacks the raw speed of Chrome, the flashiness of Safari 4, and the extendibility of Firefox, it does offer reliability and some good features, which could be enough to win it some fans. It’s certainly the best version of IE8 in a long time, and Firefox fanboys are going to have to face up to the fact that IE is no longer a dog on which to pour unremitting scorn.
No mention I could find of the URL deletion pain, which indicates to me they didn't use it for a very long period. I don't mean to seem petty but if you click on a pulldown URL in the wrong place you delete the URL, and it is my experience you need fewer clicks to delete than not.

What I notice is the IT PRO is admiting that all the others ones are better, and how much do products like Chrome, Firefox and Flock cost again?