Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Today I relieved something when I was looking for a shop me and my wife found last weekend.  As I was finding it I saw clearly that I am good at remember not because I have some attribute called "memory" but rather because I am kind of a arrogant gutsy person who is willing to push his vision and in time find his way.

If you asked me the best attribute you need in getting a SharePoint take-on I would say guts, you need the guts first to ask people to change the way they work, to get people to work together in a culture run by the ideology of utter independence.  We are trained to think we work alone and SharePoint reminds people that value is collaboration.

You also need the guts to do it right.  SharePoint has some great ways to do things, like BI in Excel Services and wikis, but you need the guts to use the right tool for the right end.

If the requirements are meet by Excel services you need to stick to your guns and use Excel Services.  

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