Tuesday, 10 March 2009

BI is BI

Just had a facebook chat with a friend who is using SharePont for a massive US company.  One thing that came up was that many firms use content management to store massive Excel docs with links to SQL databases.

Just to rant a bit, this SHOULD be done using a BI feature: ProClarity, Reporting Services, or Excel Services.  Companies fail too provide proper support with SharePoint rollouts.

To a company using MOSS please get a Gold Partner and Strategic Partner.  Try to find someone who can do more than just listen and say yes.  These days IT consultants are told to listen and collect requirements.  Is this what you need?  If you are like 90% of firms I have seen you need someone to tell you how you should do it.  Get a partner or, if you can find them, staff who have the guts and knowledge to guide a true MOSS takeup.

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